Disabling injuries can affect quality of life for years to come

Incapacitating injuries, such as amputations, traumatic brain wounds and burns, can affect a person's life for years after the initial incident.

New Jersey residents can get seriously hurt during their normal day-to-day lives. Whether an injury takes place at work, in a car or at the hospital, the affected person can expect his or her life to change in major ways. Not only will the person have to deal with the initial injury and hospital bills, but there could be other long-lasting issues too.


Limb loss can be different for everyone. For some people, losing an arm or leg barely changes their lives. For others, this injury can start a domino effect of health problems. Many people who lose a limb during a traumatic accident end up with low self-esteem, a negative body image or post-traumatic stress disorder. These psychological impacts can make it harder for an amputee to return to normal activities, such as work, exercise and social outings.

Depending on the limb lost, a person may need help learning how to take on normal activities, including bathing, getting dressed, cleaning or cooking. When a prosthetic device cannot be used, people may suffer major permanent mobility changes.

Traumatic brain injuries

Wounds that affect the brain can cause serious issues for the injured person and his or her family. Depending on the severity of the damage, a person's personality could be drastically different after this type of injury. In years to comes, someone with a traumatic brain injury may suffer from the following:

  • Seizures
  • Impaired sexual function
  • Cognitive deficits
  • Physical disabilities
  • Psychiatric disorders

In some cases, a person may struggle to maintain friendships and employment because of the myriad changes they have undergone. Someone who sustains a brain injury may have to relearn how to walk, talk and cook. This wound could even increase a person's chances of dying.

Serious burns

When a person is severely burned in a fire, explosion or electrocution, he or she may suffer for the rest of his or her life. This type of incapacitating wound can not only affect a person's physical appearance, but may also cause issues with long-term pain, insomnia, psychological disorders and weakness. If scars from the burn are hard to hide, a person may lose self-confidence, which can impact his or her ability to hold a job, make friends and maintain relationships. While some of the physical impairments caused by a burn can fade over time, psychological issues may be present for the rest of a person's life.

Because the injuries sustained by New Jersey residents can be so life changing, it can be hard to find a sense of normal. It may be beneficial for anyone who is seriously hurt to work with an attorney familiar with this type of personal injury case.