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Bergen County Medical Malpractice Law Blog

Report claims medical error is the third leading cause of death

Many things are often talked about as leading causes of injury and death in the United States, from car accidents to cancer. However, according to one doctor, the third leading cause of death is often overlooked, due to the way statistics are collected. That high-ranking cause, he claims, is medical error.

The doctor was so concerned about this that he wrote an open level to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, asking them to change their data collection tactics so as not to overlook this issue any longer.

You could be awake during surgery

For most types of major surgery, you're supposed to be unconscious, so you feel nothing. However, the Mayo Clinic says that about one out of every 500 people to have surgery done may wake up during it.

Often, this doesn't mean the person is fully awake. He or she may have taken a drug meant to paralyze the muscles, and it is often still in effect. This only makes the situation worse, though, as it means that you can be awake and aware, but you can't talk or move. As such, the medical team may think you're still out, and they'll keep operating on you even though you are awake.

10 tips when telling a doctor your story

Do you ever feel like your doctor simply doesn't listen to you when you're trying to explain what's wrong? If so, here are a few tips you can use to get better results.

1. Use graphs and drawings. Most people just try to tell their story verbally, but using a graphic image can slow the conversation down and force the doctor to listen.

Key numbers regarding medical malpractice

If you're curious about the true state of hospital negligence and medical malpractice in the United States, all you have to do is look at the numbers. Below are a few key stats that can shed light on what things are like in New Jersey.

1. Medical accidents cause anywhere from 65,000 to 200,000 deaths every year. Car accidents, which get far more press, only caused 65,000 deaths, and workplace accidents cause just 11,000.

How a shoulder dystocia happens

A shoulder dystocia is a serious injury that can happen during childbirth. Though it can occur in a few different ways, it typically happens when the child's shoulders are not in the expected position as it is being born. Even so, the head is able to pass through the birth canal.

However, after the head emerges, the child becomes stuck. One shoulder gets caught on the pubic symphysis, which is an area of cartilage that runs between the left and right pelvic bones.

The pros and cons of undergoing surgery at a teaching hospital

When going in for surgery, one of the options you may have is to go to a teaching hospital. This is just what is sounds like: A hospital that has an agreement or connection with a nearby university, so students who are working to become professionals can get hands-on train. So, what are the pros and cons of the situation?

The Downsides

Risk factors that make birth injuries more likely

When it comes to birth injuries, parents need to be aware that there are certain risk factors that can make the odds of an injury more likely. This does not mean that an injury is guaranteed or that there is nothing doctors can do, but simply that certain children are at higher risk. Below are a few common examples:

-- Babies who are born prematurely. Though the range can vary, this usually refers to a baby who is born before it reaches the 37th week. Injuries are more likely since the body is more fragile.

Tips to help avoid issues at the hospital

If you're going to the hospital and you're worried that things won't go well, there are some things you can do to help avoid problems. These include the following:

1. Always ask the doctor what the procedure is and what he or she is going to do. If the doctor responds with anything other than the procedure you're signed up for, you may be able to stop a mistake before it happens.

What should you look for when choosing a plastic surgeon?

We've all seen photos of cosmetic plastic surgery gone horribly wrong. There's even an entire television show on the E! network devoted to botched plastic surgery. However, there are worse things that can happen than having your breasts come out uneven (traumatic as that can be).

Too many patients who have gone in for a cosmetic procedure die while under the knife or from complications following plastic surgery. Author Olivia Goldsmith and Dr. Donda West, the mother of Kanye West, both died shortly after plastic surgery.

Settlement reached in death of young pediatrician

The parents of a young pediatrician who died nearly three years ago of a brain hemorrhage have settled a malpractice suit against the medical center that she worked for. The settlement came just a few days after the trial began.

The terms of the settlement weren't disclosed. However, based on the potentially long and lucrative career that was cut short, the medical center could have paid tens of millions of dollars if the decision had been left to the jury. That jury had already heard the plaintiffs' attorney accuse a doctor of changing her story about what happened.

$7.4 Billion Medicaid Recovery

Breslin and Breslin, PA, Donald A. Caminiti, Esq., was one of six law firms selected by the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey to act as special counsel to represent it in its lawsuit against the tobacco industry to recover Medicaid and other health related costs incurred by the state resulting from tobacco related illnesses.