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June 2013 Archives

Government study spotlights prescribing habits of problem MDs

Drug-related  mistakes committed by a New Jersey doctor or a physician in some other state can encompass a number of diverse factors and situations. Doctors sometimes prescribe the wrong drug to a patient. Occasionally, the wrong dose of a medication is administered, or a medicine finds its way to a patient who has been misidentified. These are all examples of medication error that commonly occurs across the country and sometimes has serious and even fatal consequences for patients. 

Study: Future cancers tied to high rate of CT scans in kids today

A central point that prominently emerges in research that was published recently in the journal JAMA Pediatrics is that X-ray errors and other types of scanning problems can derive from many sources, which makes cancer risks -- especially for young patients -- particularly problematic.

Doctor's view on medical mistakes: greater transparency needed

An experienced infectious-disease physician who often writes articles on medical topics recently addressed the subject of surgical mistakes and other medical errors, noting both a culture of nondisclosure surrounding the admission of error and the need for doctors and medical administrators to more often speak up.

NJ company false claims settlement highlights MD conflict risks

A New Jersey-based medical technology company has just been slapped hard in a settlement reached with the U.S. Department of Justice. C.R. Bard Inc. -- headquartered in Murray Hill -- will pay out more than $50 million to settle charges that it violated the federal anti-kickback law by providing various forms of remuneration to doctors and medical facilities in exchange for them purchasing its radiation treatment for prostate cancer.

$7.4 Billion Medicaid Recovery

Breslin and Breslin, PA, Donald A. Caminiti, Esq., was one of six law firms selected by the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey to act as special counsel to represent it in its lawsuit against the tobacco industry to recover Medicaid and other health related costs incurred by the state resulting from tobacco related illnesses.